Scrambled So PSG Shooter Credentials, Cavani’s Reason and Neymar Cekcok

Scrambled So PSG Shooter Credentials, Cavani’s Reason and Neymar Cekcok

Ripples of rupture began to appear in the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) squad after the arrival of Neymar. The Brazilian striker was rumored to be at war with Edinson Cavani, another PSG striker.

As reported by The Sun, Neymar no longer even follow social media accounts Instagram Cavani. In fact, both previously followed each other in social media.

The emergence of a split starting from Neymar and Cavani are scrambling to take a penalty kick. When PSG was awarded a penalty in a game against Celtic in the Champions League, Neymar had asked to be executor, but the ball was taken Cavani.

The incident recurred when Les Parisiens faced Olympique Lyon in Ligue 1. Neymar and Cavani again scrambled, and the Uruguayan international was again the executioner.

However, Cavani’s penalty kick this time failed to bear fruit, which makes Neymar upset. PSG did win 2-0 over Lyon, but Neymar and Cavani’s relationship cracked.

Only 20 minutes after the final whistle sounded, Cavani had packed his bag and left the Parc des Princes Stadium. Cavani was not greeted with Neymar in the locker room.

After the event, Neymar responded by no longer following Cavani in social media Instagram. If not immediately addressed, this split is not impossible to affect the atmosphere of the dressing room.

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