Slaughtered Liverpool, Arsenal midfielder: That’s painful

Slaughtered Liverpool, Arsenal midfielder: That’s painful

Arsenal midfielder, Granit Xhaka, finally open voice about the deterioration of his team after a 0-4 defeat of Liverpool, two weeks ago Agen Bola Terpercaya. Xhaka admitted Arsenal performed very badly in a match that took place at Liverpool headquarters, Anfield Stadium.

In the second week of the Premier League on Sunday (27/08/2017) Anfield incarnate hell for Xhaka and friends. Starting from Roberto Firmino’s goal, Arsenal’s next goal collapse by action Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah, and Daniel Sturridge.

Let alone to create a goal, London cannon did not punch once a goal kick Liverpool. Xhaka was disappointed with the result,

“All, including myself playing badly and making a lot of mistakes, you’re having this, you do not want to happen, but if it’s supposed to happen I prefer that instead of losing 0-1 in four games,” said Xhaka as reported by Sports Mole.

The defeat of Liverpool in the third week drew criticism from Arsenal fans. The majority of them demand Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger step down from his post. The players were busy to apologize for their poor performance.

Xhaka said, before the defeat of Liverpool, Arsenal actually in good condition. Although in the previous party, they lost 0-1 from Stoke City.

For Arsenal, Liverpool’s defeat leaves them twice in their first three Premier League matches. London cannon must be willing to fall to rank 16 with 3 points only.

“We know we did not produce anything – it was a painful defeat and not the start of the season we wanted but we have 35 more matches this season,” Xhaka said.

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